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Floral Subscriptions

Little House of Flowers is now offering a floral subscription service! Floral subscription is a new, convenient way to get fresh flowers sent straight to your door. This is the perfect gift for friends, family, or clients who would love to open their door every month to a fresh bouquet of flowers!

Choose your frequency and arrangement, and we'll take care of the rest!

How it works:

  • Choose the Flower Subscription Package you want.
  • We'll ask a few questions to help us create a bouquet that is perfect for you or your loved one.
  • Choose a date for the first delivery. Subsequent deliveries will occur on the 1st and the 15th of the month unless it falls on a weekend. If the day falls on a weekend, delivery will be made on the Friday before.
  • You will be charged monthly for your subscription. The charge will happen on the same day of the month as the date you signed up.
  • Subscription Changes: If you need to make changes or have questions concerning the subscription, please email or call us direct with the following information:
    • Your Name
    • Original Date of Subscription
    • Subscription Package
  • Cancellation Policy: You must notify Little House of Flowers at (619) 994-3320 two weeks prior to your next delivery date. 

Contact us at (619) 994-3320 or email us at to learn more!